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The Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association

Friday Workshops

"Tutors as Our Teachers: Undergraduate Research in the Writing Center" (W1) - Franco Building 109

         Facilitated by Melissa Ianetta and Carolyne King, University of Delaware

The goal of this workshop is to explore objectives and strategies for undergraduate research initiatives in various writing center contexts. In this guided, two-hour workshop, participants will discuss incorporating undergraduate research in both the tutoring pedagogy class and tutor preparation programs that are not attached to a curricular requirement; implementing undergraduate research as part of a writing center assessment plan; using undergraduate research to build writing center visibility; and organizing a community of practice to support undergraduate research in writing centers.

 Workshop Outcomes & Takeaways:

  • 1.      Create a first draft of an undergraduate research plan. During the latter portion of the workshop, attendees will collaborate to create a first draft of an undergraduate research program plan appropriate to their own institution.
  • 2.      Take home a packet of reference materials. In addition to a takeaway version of this plan, participants will be provided with reference materials that support tutor-research.
  • 3.      Join a community of practice. Participants will be able to network and collaborate with other scholars committed to engaging undergraduates in writing center research.

"You are the Ringmaster: The Experiences of New Writing Center Directors" (W2) - Gaige Building 122

Facilitated by Angela Rhoe, Montgomery College

Writing center directors are constantly juggling the expectations and needs of different audiences. We often have to perform acrobatics to make sure the show goes on without a hitch, which is often a challenge. In this interactive workshop, we will focus on our common challenges and delights, a case study from The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, and ways to make our vital work more visible and our experiences more gratifying. To top it off, we will create a video montage that will reflect how we as ringmasters keep the big top from caving in. Intended audience: New(er) writing center directors.

"The Sorting Hat Is Always Right: Community and Play in the Writing Center"(W3) - Franco Building 150

Facilitated by Jessica Reyes, Towson University

In this workshop, tutors will be sorted into houses and will complete challenges together and individually that will test their tutoring mettle. Every challenge completed will gain house points, and the house with the most points at the end of the workshop will earn the prestigious Tutoring Cup. Tasks are designed to develop tutors’ flexibility and innovation, foster collaboration and communication, develop inter-regional community, and tap into tutors’ enthusiasm.  Intended audience: Peer tutors.

Please indicate which workshop you will attend in your conference registration form.

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