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The Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association

A Day at the Carnival: Writing Centers as Sites for Play

Welcome to the MAWCA 2017 conference website! I am thrilled to be hosting the conference this year at Penn State Berks in Reading, PA.  As chair, I have two goals for the conference: 1) foster community among conference participants;  and 2) create a rich learning environment that showcases writing center research and scholarship. 

To those ends, we have created a Call for Proposals that we hope will get you excited and interested in the conference.  As part of the call, you'll notice we have added a few different possible session types: the Works in Progress session, the Lab time, and the Carnival to name a few. These sessions were created with an eye on the goals of the conference since they focus on scholarship and community-building. We also have some great workshops planned for you and a keynote speaker (Dr. Stephanie Vie) who I think you'll all find will offer a sophisticated and engaging discussion of games and writing centers.

Finally, a conference on games and play couldn't possibly be complete without some silliness! We plan to have some fun opportunities at this year's conference that we hope you'll find particularly enjoyable. Board games, scavenger hunts, and raffles are just a few of the things you have to look forward to.

You can check back for the site to be developed further as we get more details about the arrangements at the site. For now, here are the key links you need to register and plan for your trip:

Looking forward to seeing you all in March!

Holly Ryan, 2017 MAWCA Conference chair and Writing Center Director at Penn State Berks


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  • Where: Penn State Berks
  • When: March 31 & April 1, 2017

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