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The Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association

Center Development Grants

Maximum individual grant allocation- $1000 Minimum individual grant allocation - $500

This funding opportunity is broadly construed as supporting writing center programs. It’s no secret that writing centers often lack sufficient funding. Funding may be used to:

  • Purchase materials to be used for training.

  • Make one-time purchases of technology/equipment that will directly enhance the work of the center.

  • Seed money to develop a research project. 

  • Hold workshops/events.

  • Enable collaboration with the local community on writing related projects.

Review Process

Two board members conduct rolling monthly review and forward to the executive board to vote on allocation of funds.

Guidelines for Proposal

Proposals must include:

1. A narrative that includes:

  • A description of funding allocation

  • Impact analysis (ie. How will this benefit your goals?)

  • Describe how the results will be reported

2. A budget, including demonstration of need, and whether or not partial funding could be accepted.

3.  A timeline for allocation and reporting. 

Application Requirements:

  1. Member of MAWCA

Application Restrictions:

  1. May not be used for dissertation projects.

  2. May not be used for release time.

  3. May not be used for outside evaluators or consultants.

Expectations of Award Recipient:

  1. Final report detailing allocation.


Significance, relevance, generalizability:

  • Does the project address an important need?

Methods and feasibility:

  • Are the methods appropriate and clearly described?


  • Not required but helpful: Does the proposal aim to support populations or settings that have been underrepresented?

Cost Effectiveness:

  • Does the budget clearly explain all costs and expenditures?

  • Does the budget (or narrative) explain why certain items are justified?

Sharing of project findings:

  • A plan for dissemination of the project findings is included.

MAWCA members should fill out the form for applications and report submission to president@mawca.org

MAWCA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. 
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